Successful Crowdfunding Videos | 3 Tips

f you’re planning to run a crowdfunding campaign it’s important to make sure you get the pitch video right as this is the centre piece of your crowdfunding campaign and is the first impression potential investors will see of your business.

As an entrepreneur, you don’t often have to put together a crowdfunding video about your business. So for most people this is a pretty new experience, and being aware of what makes a good pitch video is crucial.

One of the main mistakes people make, is focusing too much on their product or offering, forgetting, or making secondary the fact that you are selling shares in your company.

Ultimately, every good equity crowdfunding video should cover at least these three points.

In this video we spoke with Darren from Crowdcube about what makes a great pitch video.

1: Talk about your team and what you do.

Give a quick overview of who you are, your product or service and why you and your team are the best people for the job. You don’t have to go into too many details about the specifics of your product, but paint a high level image of your USP, making clear the value you bring.

2: What has the business achieved to date?

From signing up clients to hitting significant milestones, you want to show the investors what you’ve achieved so far. Show off all the success you’ve had from a business point of view. Basically, you want to show that you are not just some crazy idea, but you have a solid business with a strong track record that have achieved great things and are ready to go to the next level. If you have early traction, revenue numbers or a lot of active users, you should name drop it here.

3: The vision for the future?

What does success look like to you and for an investor? What are your goals and why are you raising funding? Make it clear and sell the vision for the future of the company, so the investors become engaged and excited. Ultimately, you want to show them the great potential your business have and that now is a great time to invest.

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