Case Study: Polysolar

The Project

Polysolar is a company that creates Transparent Photovoltaic Glass A.K.A. windows that generate electricity from the sun. They approached us about creating a video for their company in spring 2018, the goal of the video was to raise a £750,000 investment from the crowd on Crowdcube. This was the end result:

The Challenge

When we started talking about ideas and positioning there were three key challenges:

1: Explain a technical product in a simple way.

2: Creating an emotional connection with investors

3: Keeping it positive and avoiding “fear tactics” around the environment.

The Solution

While brainstorming ways to approach the video, we came up with the idea of tying their company to the concept of human progress. How our society is evolving, from old power sources to the new world. Focusing on progress vs disaster around energy and the environment.

The next step was to find a simple way to explain the product, we ended up on the concepts of windows that generate energy & turning buildings into power stations.

The last piece of the puzzle was to connect it all emotionally. So we structured the video around the idea of people being innovators, wanting to drive the world forward. Showing footage as children try science, play with ideas – leading up to Hamish and the team building Polysolar, and needing your investment to help drive the world forward.

Investing in the company, was like investing in the future.

The video was an exciting challenge to film, being shot over 5 days in 4 locations as varied as Gloucester and Canary Wharf. Using drones and gimbals to create an epic and slightly futuristic vibe to the video, with lots of motion pushing the narrative forward.

The Result

They exceeded their target by a large margin raising over £1,311,180 from 1742 people. The video was a big part of this with a 53% conversion rate from video viewers to investors, which is incredible! In the end they ended up overfunding to 174% of their initial target.

The Take Away

People care about your mission. You need to show how you have a future and a big IDEA that can change the world (or at least crush it in your industry!) The biggest take away was that with highly targeted videos such as crowdfunding videos, you don’t necessarily need to reach 100,000 views. It is much more about creating a deep emotional connection with a small targeted audience, talking directly to them and making them excited to be a part of your mission.

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