Creating A Video Strategy

Video marketing is one of the most effective and fastest growing trends in online advertising.

Once you’ve got a slick video promoting your product, you’re only halfway there. How you distribute that video to inspire, educate, and engage your audience is the next step. This can be quite the challenge if you’re new to video marketing!

A smart video strategy is essential. Sure, you can share the video once or twice on Facebook or LinkedIn, you might even get some likes! But with a solid video marketing strategy you can do so much more! In this post we’re going to go through three important steps to take when you start building your video strategy!

What is the objective of your video?

Your goal should be to find a simple sentence that defines what you want to achieve with the video. Your campaigns mission statement that provide direction and purpose for your content, defining what you want your audience to FEEL and do after after seeing your video. A strong, simple idea that gets to the core of what you need will make the rest of the process so much easier!

Keep in mind the type of video content you intend on making and who your target audience is. This will set the tone. Once you’ve nailed the mission statement, you’re ready to…

Map out your video content

You can use video in a bunch of different ways depending on your objective. From direct to customer ads to personalised video messages your sales team can send to prospects.

Break it down into different areas and video topics. Then look for overlaps of what content can be used for various parts, can you adjust one of the video slightly to use on your website, then also as an instagram ad?

Once you’ve mapped out the topics you wish to address in each video, you’ll have a better idea of the tone and information you want to include.

Planning all the content from the beginning for your whole year/or quarter saves you time and money when it comes to production. You’ll know everything you need so can make sure to capture it all in an effective way!

Give Your Video A Home

Your videos need to live somewhere, but do you host them on Instagram, Facebook, or on your company website? A good practice here would be to post directly onto your website and then natively upload onto your social media platforms too. But deciding from the beginning of the project on where you will host different videos is crucial, as it will allow your production partner to produce the videos with the best format for the various platforms (e.g vertical, square and widescreen).

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