How to use video to launch your startup

Finding good and cost efficient ways to advertise your company is a big challenge in the early days of a start-up when you don’t have the resources to put together a big marketing campaign. You need to have content, budget and a solid distribution plan that is measurable and can quickly be validated without spending thousands of pounds before you see any results.

Video has for a long time been the staple of the advertising industry, the TV commercial being the height of this. In the last few years, the cost of creating high quality videos have gone down dramatically making it possible for SMEs and startups to create great content at an affordable rate.

So why should video be a key part of your marketing strategy?

1: Communicate

Video is the most effective way to communicate your idea to your audience. In a 90 second video you can cover exactly what your company is all about, how it works and how it will help your customers, in an engaging way. Recent studies have shown that people are more likely to watch a video over reading the same information, and on Facebook video is the most efficient type of post. (Pro tip: Facebook is investing heavily in native video on their platform, so if you upload the video directly to Facebook, their algorithms will put your video higher in peoples newsfeed than if you link from, for example, Youtube).

2: Distribute

When you combine videos with the targeting options on social media you get a very powerful tool that lets you send customized messages, not only to your target audience, but to specific segments of that audience. Using video this way lets you quickly communicate what you are all about to the right people in the right way. And you can tweak your messaging to fit the different demographics you are targeting leading to much higher conversions.

Recently we created a series of videos for MedShr for the launch of their app. They used the videos to boost traffic to their website and to drive app installs through the Facebook app install objective. With the videos they achieved some great results, increasing traffic by 40% compared to non-video ads and getting the Cost-Per-Install down to 0.13p. They now have over 70,000 users and growing quickly!

3: Save money

Using corporate video can (if planned properly) be a cost efficient way of creating the bulk of marketing content you need for your launch. If you plan for a few days of filming and have a clear set of objectives you can get several months’ worth of content from one project. This is where our idea of creating a video “toolkit” comes in. Basically, when you create a company video it is usually made out of the following parts:

  • CEO/founder interview
  • Elevator pitch
  • Footage of your product in use/demo
  • Customer testimonials
  • Footage of your team working

So if we work out what your content strategy is for the next few months, we simply work out exactly what additional content would need to be filmed and then (for example a variation on the founder interview for a b2b audience) and then film these short variations at the same time. Then later we can edit out a lot of different content, that can be reused and repurposed on different mediums. E.g. Gifs, images and short 30 second videos aimed at different audiences. This way you can save money and time by getting everything you need in one go.

To summarize: If you want to use video in your startup marketing plan, it is great at quickly engaging your audience, targeting specific segmentations and can, if planned properly, be cost effective!