How to make a killer Kickstarter video

Running a successful Kickstarter campaign requires great execution, impeccable marketing and an amazing pitch video.

In this short article we are going to go through some of the most important elements that make up a great kickstarter video and hopefully help your campaign become a viral hit!

When creating a Kickstarter video it is very important to understand WHY you are making it and who are going to watch it.

Are you selling your product, are you trying to connect emotionally with investors or are you simply showing a video about your project to introduce it to your friends, family or network?

Understanding and creating the RIGHT Kickstarter video is one of the most important aspect of your whole campaign. Not necessarily because it will make your backers choose to pledge for your product or not. But because the pitch video is the gatekeeper that people view before deciding to actually take a proper look at your pitch. It is your first impression, if your video sucks, no one will even read your pitch!

Without further ado let’s get into the three most important points of your pitch video


You need to hook the audience instantly! People have a very short attention span, especially when browsing Social media, YouTube or Kickstarter. You have to capture their interest in the first 10-30 seconds so they actually continue watching, turn on the sound and pay attention to your pitch!

Therefore it’s very important to establish some hooks for your intro sequence that will resonate with the people you’re targeting.

You can do this in several different ways, and you should use your pre-campaign to work out what intro sequence works best, what messaging and imagery is the most efficient and how your audience responds to it. A/B test a few different scenarios, run FB ads and check the video analytics to find out how and when people stop watching your video.

Number two – Who will watch your Kickstarter video?

This goes hand in hand with the first point and is crucial to make your hooks work.


You must understand who your customers are, what they like and what resonates with them to be able to create a Kickstarter video that speaks to them. The video needs to hit their pain points and sell your project in a way that makes them excited!

You have to nail everything from the tone of voice of the video, is it a funny pitch? Should it be serious? Do you focus on the team, the product or the cause? You need to know all of this before you start producing your video. If not, you are wasting time and resources hoping you make something that MIGHT resonate with your customers. A great Kickstarter video builds on great market research, buyers personas and together with a strong pre-launch strategy can become a viral hit!

Number Three – Make it matter!

Especially if this is a rewards campaign or consumer facing. You want your campaign to be focused or tie in with an important cause, something that people can get behind and get excited about. Is it a locally sourced product that empowers farmers? Are you contributing some of the profits to a good cause? Will your product help us defeat global warming? Understand what the bigger picture of your pitch is and incorporate this into the video. This is where crowdfunding really excels, in bringing people together around an exciting and important cause. If you can you need to tap into this!

In summary, to create killer kickstarter video you want to make sure

  • It hooks your audience instantly
  • You communicate in a way that resonates with your customers
  • And make it IMPORTANT!

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