What We Do


We’ll create a great story that engages your audience, shows who you are and why you are a great investment!


Our talented crew will create your video making sure your best side is caught on camera!


We’ll create a strategy making sure you distribute your video to the right audience on the right channels.


Crowdfunding have, over the last few years, become a great way for companies to raise money, gather early adopters and create a deeper connection with customers. From launching a drone on IndieGoGo to funding an app on CrowdCube it efficiently bridges the gap between creators and their fans! But how do you know what’s the best approach for you? A rewards campaign? Equity? A funny viral video? An emotional mini documentary? And which platform to use?

At Speeding Films we are experts at creating videos that tell your story, resonate with your audience and make them back your campaign! We’ve raised more than £2,500,000 over the last year and we’re constantly refining our video strategies making sure your pitch will be seen by the right people.  We offer full production services from script and filming to creating video strategies that optimize your chances of success.

If you are about to launch, or just curious about the best approach, GET IN TOUCH and we’ll give you a free consultation and talk you through how you should create, market and distribute your campaign video.


  • Pre Production
    We'll meet you to discuss your project, advising on the best approach. After the initial talk we'll either create a bespoke idea and script or work with your concept. Once the concept and script are ready we will make all required preparations from storyboarding, location scouting and acquiring permissions to casting, if actors are involved.
  • Production
    This is where the fun begins! Once all the preparations are done and filming days are scheduled it's time to get to business. We will arrive on the location film you and you're team and make the concept come to life.  
  • Post Production
    When the filming is done we will organise the footage, cutting it and creating your story. This usually takes from a couple of weeks, depending on how much VFX wizardry is required. But don't worry, with good planning we can turnaround your video in no time!
Pre Production


Campaigns raised over £2,500,000 in the last twelve months.

Work in partnership with Crowdcube and various other platforms.

We offer financing offers, where we get paid on performance.*

Full production from concept, production to video strategy.

*get in touch to find out if you’re eligible.

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