Crowdfunding – How to create a Successful Campaign

Learn how Biscuiteers raised £1,245,660 and made a deeper connection with their customers with Crowdfunding.

In this video interview, we sat down with Harriet from Biscuiteers to ask her about how they approached their crowdfunding campaign.

Read on to learn more about: How to make a crowdfunding video? How to market and Equity Crowdfunding campaign? How to use crowdfunding to create a deeper connection with your customers? Why crowdfunding?

Can you tell us a little bit about Biscuiteers and how your Equity Crowdfunding raise went?

We are an online gifting company. We sell hand-iced biscuits as gifts – all year round gifts, seasonal gifts. We also have 2 shops, one in Notting Hill and one in Northcote Road, and also a corporate business, so we sell branded gifts and promotional items, that sort of thing.

We crowdfunded last November, and we ended up far exceeding our targets and expectations, and ended up raising 1,25 million.

Why did you choose crowdfunding for your business?

We chose to crowdfunding after looking at quite a lot of different options. I was always really keen on it because we’re a consumer business, so we have a large number of online customers. So, it really felt like we wanted to offer the opportunity to our customers to be part of our journey; that felt like the right way to go.

What was the biggest benefit of Crowdfunding?

When I thought about selling it, for me it was very much a marketing campaign for the business and that’s very much how we approached it. I felt the emotional resonance of owning a bit of Biscuiteers was just that much greater and the success of it was likely to be promulgated on that sort of idea. I think that there are obvious benefits to consumer businesses in using crowdfunding platforms over other forms of equity raise. I think we got nearly 800 investors – they’ve become your greatest advocates and your greatest loyalty group, and it also is good for profile for the business, and it was actually very good for the team, funnily enough.  If it goes well, it’s a very exhilarating kind of experience for everybody because it sort of endorses the business and everything you are doing.

How do you make a great pitch video?

Obviously, videos are very visual things and we were very fortunate in that we have a very visual product and we have a lot of things to film because we have bakeries and shops and products. I think we are quite unusual in that we are quite a lot further down the road than a lot of businesses that are on platforms. Basically, it’s your advert, it’s the way you sell your business. So the only tip I would say is that it’s really worth doing it well and I think actually, that was where I put most of my energies in when we were putting it together. Because it felt that that was ultimately your main opportunity to sell your business – it’s your pitch.

How did you market your crowdfunding campaign?

I approached it like I would any other big marketing campaign. So, basically, we thought about all our channels, all of the ways in which we could communicate with customers, potential customers, other interested parties, influencers, media, and we approached it like that and that worked really well for us.

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