Corporate videos are a great way to connect with your target audience. From simple interview style videos to more complicated projects showing your team or different experts talking about their subjects and why it is important to their customers.

These videos can be a cost efficient option for many companies, providing a personal touch and building trust with your customers. It can also be a great way to save cost by creating internal training and information videos, streamlining your processes and reducing time spent on training new or existing staff.

Corporate video production can be made relatively quickly, often just requiring a few hours of filming.

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  • Pre Production
    We'll meet you to discuss your project, advising on the best approach. After the initial talk we'll either create a bespoke idea and script or work with your concept. Once the concept and script are ready we will make all required preparations from storyboarding, location scouting and acquiring permissions to casting, if actors are involved.
  • Production
    This is where the fun begins! Once all the preparations are done and filming days are scheduled it's time to get to business. We will arrive on the location film you and you're team and make the concept come to life.  
  • Post Production
    When the filming is done we will organise the footage, cutting it and creating your story. This usually takes from a couple of weeks, depending on how much VFX wizardry is required. But don't worry, with good planning we can turnaround your video in no time!
Pre Production


In these videos your CEO or team members introduce your company, explain what you do, show off your facilities or processes. It’s a great video to have on your website, use as an online ad or in presentations and trade shows.

Simply put, it’s the face of your company. It’s a great video if you’re just starting to create video content or to add to your existing videos.

We offer a few different options for these videos, please get in touch to find out more.


Over the last year Case Study videos have been one of our most successful approaches.

In these videos we let your customers and early adopters talk about how they use your product and why it is great, making your videos much more genuine and authentic.

We make these videos visually pleasing and personal so that they fit into the social media landscape and create high engagement by optimising the videos for different platforms.

Over the last few months the results of these videos have been amazing! We reduced the cost of app installs to 0.13p for one client and reduced the cost of new leads by over 50% (and more importantly, the leads from the video were converting much better!)


If you just simply need for us to come and film whatever you have planned, we can do that too. We offer only filming or editing or both as separate services, just drop us a message and we’ll see what’s best for you.

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