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There are several types of corporate videos that you could make for your business. But it can be challenging to know what type of video is best for your company. Below we’re going to go through a few different types of corporate videos to make it easier to understand what type of video is most suitable for different objectives. Corporate video production can be a great, budget efficient way to easily promote your business. 

Company ‘About Us’ Video

In these videos your spokesperson introduces your company, explains what you do and shows off your facilities or processes. It’s a great video to have on your website, use as an online ad or in presentations and in sales meetings. 


Simply put, it’s the face of your company and shows your customers who you are, what you do and why you are great!

Case Studies and Testimonials

Over the last year Case Study videos have been one of our most successful types of corporate videos.

In these videos your customers and early adopters talk about how they use your product and why it is great, making your videos much more genuine and authentic.

You should aim to make these videos visually pleasing and personal so that they fit into the social media landscape and create high engagement by optimizing the videos for different platforms.

Over the last few months we’ve seen great results with case studies! We reduced the cost of app installs to 0.13p for one client and reduced the cost of new leads by over 50% (and more importantly, the leads from the video were converting much better!)


Animated Videos

While animated videos could be considered as corporate videos, it really is a category of its own, due to the different nature of the production process.

Animations are perfect for making complicated tech products or services quick and easy to understand.

From infographics and text animations to full-on characters and scenes.

Using an animation you can quickly visualise a concept to convey what you are doing or how your product/service/company works.



Capture your events and share the good experiences in a quick and dynamic video. Include highlights, interviews with attendees, bits from keynotes. It’s a great way to promote your future events and remind your previous attendees of the good time they had.


How to use Corporate Videos

Corporate Videos can be used in a variety of different ways from simply putting it on your homepage to using as social media ads to pre-roll ads and in some cases on TV.

Getting the right distribution is essential to get great results from your corporate video.

We recommend you set aside a budget for video distribution to make sure you are getting your return on investment.


To sum up, there are various corporate video types and depending on your circumstances or the stage your company is in, you should choose the one that’s right for you. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us to have a free consultation.

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