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Phocus Life is a membership website and a psychotherapy clinic based in London, UK, taking on porn and sex addiction.

When we met Phocus Life founder Dr. Rodney Collins we were introduced to the concept and the vision of the business. The goal was to increase user engagement and have more visual content available around the subject and to the members of the Phocus Life website.

We created a 3 video series that members get after signing up. This series introduces to the problem and goes through the basics of sex and porn addiction.

The Video series is narrated by Dr. Rodney Collins himself and it follows the life of Clark, who is battling sex and porn addiction. Video also consists of animation, graphics and text to highlight the important phrases and keywords.

Additionally, we created 12 monthly newsletter update videos. These shorter videos consist mostly of Dr. Collins talking on the selected topic together with some graphics and basic animated elements. These serve the purpose of keeping members engaged and providing useful information on a different topic each month.

These videos are currently being used and tested on Phocus Life website.

You can see some of the video content created on www.phocuslife.com (You will need to sign up to see the main videos though).

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