MBJ is an exciting new company that is starting to revolutionize the way SMEs manage their online presence.

They offer bespoke websites that are created by an inhouse team of designers to small businesses on a monthly subscription, allowing them to get a high end custom website at an affordable price point. Creating a personal bond with the businesses and managing their online presence.

The Brief
We’ve worked with MBJ on several projects over the last year. From creating B2B videos for them, to making a mini-documentary around their Launchpad startup competition. They approached us before launching their recent crowdfunding campaign to team up on making their video.

We sat down and went through the overall plan to create a successful crowdfunding campaign, identifying their target audience and what approach would work best to achieve the funding target. Production started and we created the video.

The Results
The video worked very well, quickly explaining what WaaS is all about and why the MBJ team are the right people to execute this business.

The campaign was a great success and resulted in 670,000 in funding. Crushing their goal of 350,000 and becoming the percentage wise most overfunded project in CrowdCubes history.

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