3 important questions to ask before creating a crowdfunding video

If you are going to run a crowdfunding campaign getting the pitch video right is extremely important.

There are a few different ways you can approach your crowdfunding video. You can hire a video production company, get a freelancer or try and make it on your own. All options have their different pros and cons.

Below, we’ve outlined a few important questions to ask yourself before you create your video.

1: What is a crowdfunding video?

What is the purpose of the video, how should it look and feel? There are many different types of crowdfunding videos, they can be anything from a straight forward interview all the way to a high end advert. It really comes down to what story you are telling and who your pitch video is targeting. Regardless the overall goal of any Crowdfunding video is to quickly pitch your project, entice the audience and make them want to back your campaign.

(Charles Wiles, from Zzish, leading their Crowdcube campaign video.)

2: What type of video is best for your campaign?

Do you want to create a viral hit? Or an informative mini documentary? It really depends on what type of campaign your running. There’s 3 main categories of crowdfunding. Equity (E.g. Crowdcube) , Reward (E.g. Indiegogo) and Donation (E.g. Just Giving).

They all need to be approached a little bit differently as they have very different audiences. For an equity campaign, your video should be much more business focused, almost like a business to business video, while for a reward campaign your video should be focused more on your product, the social cause or emotional investment people will make.

The key thing is to understand who you are targeting before you start writing your video. And understand that different platforms have different audiences and can’t be approached in the same way.

(Toni Horn, from MBJ London, is explaining the potential of the businessm in their Crowdcube equity crowdfunding video)

(YUUgo (YUUworld) Indiegogo rewards video goes through the functionality and features of their new GPS powered backpack.)

3: Make it yourself or hire a crowdfunding video production company?

Video production companies are great, especially companies that specialise in crowdfunding videos. This is what they do. But you have to pay for their expertise and knowledge.

If, on the other hand, you make it yourself, it may not be as good and it will take you A LOT OF TIME to make even a decent video. It really comes down to researching and making the right value assessment.